General Information

Background :

The 2017 International Conference on Education and Development (ICERD 2017) is a continuation of the International Seminar on the Malaysia-Indonesia Higher Education System in 2010 and the Alternative Education Seminar of Competency-Based Indonesia-Malaysia Curriculum in 2012. This year, ICERD 2017 Infocusing on the paradigm of twentieth- 21 as the main issue of education direction in the world.

Aims :

International Conference on Education and Regional Development 2017 (ICERD 2017) to promote collaborative academic research among researchers, experts, practitioners and implementers for regional development. The conference highlights the latest findings built on educational research, and empirical evidence, as well as to strengthen the professional work  among the active stakeholders.

Main Theme :
“Instructional and 21st Century Learning”

Sub Theme of the Conference:

  1. 21st Century Competence
  2. The Design of the 21st Century Curriculum and Learning
  3. 21st Century learning approach
  4. Evaluation of 21st Century Learning
  5. Application of 21st Century Learning Innovation
  6. Development of the 21st Century Learning Model


Conference Fee

1 Presenter  650.000 IDR
2 Non Presenter 350.000 IDR
3 Presenter (Teacher & Student) 500.000 IDR
4 Non Presenter (Teacher) 250.000 IDR.

International Presenter Fee USD120

Malaysia Presenter : RM450

Paper from International Participants and Malaysia should be submitted by email to